First course: 

October 2022. 26-27-28

Second course:

October 2022. 31 and November 1-2

Electronic Gaming Products are a vital and still growing part of Land Based Gaming Operations’ Revenues.

Most of those operations face a similar problem; they know how to connect with their current Electronic Gaming player base, but they struggle when trying to attract, retain and connect with new types of Visitor Profiles in a meaningful way.

Many Land Based Electronic Gaming Operations are unable to prove that they are maximizing the bottom-line earnings from their Electronic Gaming products.

The goal of this course is simple; giving delegates tools to increase the profitability of their Electronic Gaming Products.


Session 1 – Electronic Gaming Player Expectations and Motivations

Identifying and Categorising Casino Visitor Profiles and explanation of their expectations and motivation.

The basis for all marketing strategies; knowing your customers’ expectations and motivations.
THE Gaming Customer does not exist. Understanding the different expectations and motivations of the various Casino Visitor Profiles helps when defining the Product-mix, Price-setting, running -bet based- Promotions, preparing the layout (Placement of machines), training the Personnel and creating Standard Operating Procedures for the Electronic Gaming Department.

This ‘need to know’ basic Casino Visitor Profile module is the foundation for the other modules of this course.


Session 2 – Product and Price considerations

What does it Cost and what does it Do? A session about Price setting on Electronic Gaming Products and about the Game Concepts.

Minimum and Maximum Bet settings on slot machines greatly impact the earning power of Electronic Gaming Products. In configuring these parameters Operators should also take the financial exposure and other aspects into consideration.
Different types of players are attracted to different types of Game Concepts. Understanding what makes games attractive for certain player categories is key to the Electronic Gaming Operation`s success and greatly impacts the bottom line of the Electronic Gaming Product.

Session 3 – Bet Based Promotions on Electronic Gaming machines

Different Player Categories have different Expectations from Bet Based Promotion.

How to use Mystery & Progressive Prizes and Player Loyalty Programs to exceed the expectations from the different Player categories and how to run these promotions ensuring they contribute to the bottom-line earnings of the Electronic Gaming Product.

Duration 180 minutes plus Q&A


Session 4 – Placement of Electronic Gaming Machines and the Physical Environment

Land Based Gaming Operations that tailor to different Player Categories (spoiler alert; they ALL do!) should have different areas tailoring to these different categories (no matter how small the gaming area is).

A gaming floor that does not have separate areas or different categories of players is very unlikely to reach its maximum earnings potential.


Session 5 – Process Management and the importance of Personnel

Standard Operating Procedures are documents that describe how Personnel should act when executing Critical Activities. It is part of Total Quality Management. Being able to prove that goals are being met has a great impact on the bottom-line earnings.


Session 6 – Process Management, Reconciliation of Result and Performance Analysis

Slot Machine Meter information is used to prove that the Result according to the Cash Desk is in fact the correct result and the Slot Machine Meter Information is used to execute Performance Analysis.

The session looks at all the meters that are used for Reconciliation and Performance Analysis purposes and all the formulas used.