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You may have never heard of Cape Verde – Sal and therefore you don’t even know how to get there. It really isn’t a world city but it’s not impossible to get there, and there are plenty of opportunities for tourists. We know that a long flight is a bit inconvenient, but this should not take away from the training and missed programs. If necessary, our team will help you find the most suitable flight.

Hosted by Casino Royal – Sal

Hilton Hotel Sal

Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort is a picture-perfect vacation spot in the colorful town of Santa Maria. Sink your toes in the pristine white-sand beach and reach destinations like the local fishermen pier and the extinct Pedra de Lume volcano within minutes. Indulge while you’re here with an Eforea Spa, Casino, 4 Restaurants and Bars, a water-sport Centre, Kids Club, Fitness Centre and flexible events space.

Hilton Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is an archipelago of ten islands on the west coast of Africa.
Also known as the African Caribbean, they’re a unique melting pot of African, Brazilian, and Portuguese cultures. You’ll see it in the island’s music, art, and unique culinary flavors.
Enjoy our all-year-round sun and soft temperatures.
Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort is located on the island of Sal, just 15 minutes from Sal International Airport.